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I love the pump and I am using it as prescribed by my doctor.  I have seen great results since using it and am very happy.  Thank you for checking in on my progress!

My condition has improved greatly.  The sore on my toe is almost completely healed, indicating better blood flow.

We have had three patients, who in my mind were certainly nearing major amputations.  Amazingly, with the use of this arterial assist device, all three patients have kept their limbs.  

…With its ability to control troublesome symptoms, this simple home arterial pump treatment is very cost effective, especially when the other available options are surgeries, hospitalizations and ultimately amputations.  

I strongly feel that arterial pump home therapy is a much needed and effective adjunctive therapy that would greatly help physicians treat and manage PAD patients.   It could potentially save their limbs.

From my first visit to my current doctor, I had hope. I use the pump three times a day; Thank God there is something that helps me.

I use it twice daily and it has been a significant factor in my wound healing as I have a long occlusion in the same leg as the wound.

I used the compression machine religiously and found I was able to endure the treadmill for a longer time. I have gone from walking 2 ½ minutes to 20-25 minutes.

It is a miracle worker. Thank you so much; I shall be forever grateful for your service.

This is making the blood flow down to my leg to my feet and is helping to heal the ulcer on my heel.

The arterial pump has been beneficial to the poor circulation in both of my legs. My foot ulcer is healing and my mobility is improved.

After being on the pump for three months, my tests showed I had improved. My legs do not hurt as bad at night.

The arterial pump was an important factor toward the healing process of my foot surgery. It improved circulation and I still use it about twice weekly.

I had a toe amputated - the result of an ulcer which did not respond to any other treatment. My doctor prescribed this device, which has helped heal new ulcers and avoid future amputations.

After using the pump for only three weeks, the swelling in the ankles and feet has gone down almost to normal, avoiding two by-pass operations which, at my age (89) are especially serious.

I have had several spells of cellulitis in my legs. After using the Arterial Pump on my legs have avoided any reoccurrences and reduced swelling and pain.