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Working with Medical Solutions Supplier has been a wonderful experience.  They are dependable, efficient and most importantly, provide quality medical grade compression pumps that yield great results in edema control and wound healing. 

Great products, great company and wonderful service all the time. 


The pumps work wonders toward healing wounds and Medical Solutions Supplier does a great job in patient education.

My patient had limb threatening bilateral calf and ankle ulceration.  Standard compression was used for 11 months with little progress.  Two months ago a compression pump device was obtained for this patient and she is now healed.  This therapy and service have been life changing and life saving.

Once we discovered Medical Solutions Supplier, our patients who suffer with lymphedema and venous insufficiency are thrilled to have a treatment that frees them from the debilitating swelling they live with.

I am a wound care specialist and have worked in this field for over 25 years.  The compression pump devices are much needed and we appreciate with which we can obtain equipment for our patients.

It is amazing the difference in swelling after our patients start using the lymphedema pumps.  Medical Solutions Supplier is wonderful to work with.

Several patients have expressed their delight in having the equipment delivered to their home and having the representative come to them to explain and how how to use the equipment.

Medical Solutions Supplier is very professional, very responsive and always available.

Having a company like Medical Solutions Supplier to provide compression pump therapy and support to my patients has been a valuable tool in stopping the breakdown cycle of these chronic patients.  Their compression pumps coupled with their impeccable service is a rare find in the industry.

I have had several patients with non-healing wounds that have received a tremendous benefit from the compression pumps.  Not only were the wounds healed, but he patients were discharged from the hospital and able to manage their care at home.

Thank you for your commitment to serving patients that are in need of compression therapy for lymphedema.  You certainly go the extra mile in providing services for our patients.  We appreciate that you work to get the insurance approval for the compression garments.

Medical Solutions Supplier has been providing my patients with Lymphedema Sequential Compression Pumps for several years.  They have met and exceeded my expectations when delivering, instructing and standing behind their products.

The Medical Solutions Supplier compression pumps have helped our wound care center heal so many of our patients with venous ulcers.  We have also found great results in patients with chronic and painful lymphedema.

Care of the Lymphedema can be quite difficult.  Medical Solutions Supplier has made the care of these patients quite rewarding.  We have had excellent results with these devices.

We have used Medical Solutions arterial pump on two patients and were very happy with the results.  The therapy augmented our wound care plan.  The staff and Medical Solutions Supplier are knowledgeable, efficient and very helpful.

My practice began using the pneumatic compression device approximately nine months ago for patients with venous stasis ulcers and/or lymphedema.  Since using these devices, our patients have reported fantastic results.  

We’ve tried most of the main suppliers of compression pump therapy and continually come back to Medical Solutions Supplier. They are faithful, effective and very cost effective and helpful to the patient.

Medical Solutions Supplier is a unique company nowadays. Their staff really cares about patient outcomes and often place profit secondarily.

Their service is excellent and far above and beyond other suppliers that I have dealt with. I can always count on Medical Solutions Supplier to troubleshoot any malfunctions, breakdowns or answer patient questions…

As the medical director of a major wound center and a practicing surgeon of twenty years, the experience I have had working with Medical Solutions Supplier is unparalleled by any other equipment supplier.

We find that Medical Solutions Supplier quickly responds to our requests, educates our patients on how to use the equipment safely and services the equipment when needed on a timely basis.

There are great products on the market, but Medical Solutions Supplier is the company that we use because they are dedicated to our patients.