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PCD 51™

Lympha Press® PCD-51TM gradient sequential compression is easy to use, so patients can get consistent therapy at the touch of a button.

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PCD 52™

The PCD 52™ is a Multi-Zone Device that can be battery-powered and is configured for 8-chamber sleeves. The device is used for the treatment of chronic edema or chronic wounds.

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Lympha Press Optimal (Medicare Upgrade)

  • Multiple cycle options including a pre-therapy phase to mimic MLD
  • Microprocessor driving programming and control
  • 12—24 chamber modular garments to treat limbs, groin, abdomen, torso and shoulders, safely and conveniently
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Arm Sleeve

This garment simplifies treatment for postmastectomy lymphedema and is effective therapy for arm, breast and torso lymphedema in the clinic and at home.

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Leg Sleeve

Lympha Press® leg sleeves are designed for comfortable, effective treatment of the entire leg, foot and ankle areas.

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Lympha Pants™ contain 24 overlapping compression cells and treat the entire lower body, including the abdomen and groin area, while providing complete bilateral treatment of the lower limbs.

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LymphaPod® is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system designed specifically for the larger patient, providing effective treatment for lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

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