CORE Standards of Excellence

The CORE Standards of Excellence address the scope and complexity of community-based healthcare providers in today’s healthcare environment and are fundamental to the quality, safety, appropriateness, and effectiveness of all services and programs accredited by CHAP. The CORE standards are designed as a companion to the service specific Standards of Excellence. For single service organizations, compliance with certain CORE standards will also ensure compliance with a related standard in the service specific area. For larger, more complex or multi-service line organizations, the companion standards will facilitate detailed planning and oversight at the service line level, while CORE can serve as an integrating mechanism for the entire organization.

CORE Standards:

  • are to be used in conjunction with service specific standards.
  • ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements, and regulatory requirements that address the health and safety of employees and clients.
  • address broad concepts of quality in community-based care, and are relevant and required for all organizations seeking CHAP accreditation.
  • compliance can be determined with a one day on site review BEFORE a license granting patient service rights has been granted where states require accreditation prior to licensure. (This provides TEMPORARY accreditation that allows a license to be issued and patients to be served to meet initial census/service requirements needed for a full accreditation site visit.)
  • incorporate, where required, CMS requirements for home health, hospice and DMEPOS.