Depending on your condition and level of need, there are several Lympha Press® options available. Once your physician prescribes the needed therapy, our representatives can help determine the Lympha Press® that is best-suited for your medical condition. We also will work directly with your doctor to obtain the needed prescription, and Medical Solutions Supplier is contracted with nearly all major health insurance providers.

Not all compression pumps are alike. Here's why we exclusively provide Lympha Press and what contributes to the Lympha Press® Difference: 


Some devices do not have the flexibility to adjust pressure. Patients with excess edema or brawny tissue need to be able to increase or decrease pressure as directed by their physicians.

Independent studies* have shown that limb volume was reduced most effectively with pneumatic compression pressures between 40 — 60 mmHg.

* Dose response of compression therapy for chronic venous edema—high pressures are associated with greater volume reduction: Two randomized clinical studies; Wolfgang Vanscheidt, MD; Alexandra Ukat, MD, Hugo Partsch, MD; presented at the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum, Charleston, SC, Feb. 20-23, 2008.


Newer compression devices offer a variety of features previously unavailable to patients.

These options include sequential, peristaltic and decongestive modes of compression. Rapid cycle times featured in Lympha Press® devices have been proven to accelerate wound healing.

(Evaluation of two different intermittent pneumatic compression cycle settings in the healing of venous ulcers: A randomized trial, Nikolovska, Arsovski, Damevska, Gocev, Pavlova; Medical Science Monitor, 2005, vol. 11, n 7, pp. CR337-CR343)


Flexibility in garments is vital to successful treatment. Lympha Press® accomodates bilateral compression as well as offers specialized garments to decongest vital areas under the arm (axillary) and the inguinal (pelvic areas).

Customization is also available and units specifically made for the bariatric population can be special-ordered when patients qualify.


A device is only as good as the company—and the people—who stand behind it.

Medical Solutions Supplier's patients receive in-home deliveries accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to use their Lympha Press®. Our teams of Compression Therapy Consultants are committed to helping you successfully use your therapy equipment.


Medicare will not replace units unless they are beyond repair and more than five years old. Manufacturers’ warranties are usually limited to between one and three years. Medical Solutions Supplier is dedicated to keeping your pump functioning properly by extending the manufacturer’s warranty. Working with a distributor who extends these warranties is crucial to ongoing therapeutic success.