Our goal at Medical Solutions Supplier is to simplify the ordering process so that health care professionals can provide this effective therapy to their patients in a timely manner.

For a patient covered by Medicare, a Prescription with Diagnosis is needed (a prescription form is available from Medical Solutions Supplier) as follows:

  • I87.2 — Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

- OR -

  • I97.2 — post mastectomy
  • I89.0 — secondary Lymphedema
  • Q82.0  - primary Lymphedema

For this group of diagnosis codes, Conservative Care Notes showing elevation, exercise and compression for at least 28 days are needed. Compression can be wraps, Unna boots, tubigrip or hosiery, etc. In addition, a Summary Note is required at the end of the 28-day period showing that symptoms persist despite conservative care.

If you have any questions about a case qualifying for coverage, just send it in to Medical Solutions Supplier and our team will let you know what is needed.

For patients who are covered by Commercial Insurance, orders must include:

  • FAX Cover Sheet - with office contact person name and number
  • Patient Demographics - including insurance and patient contact information
  • Appropriate Prescription with Diagnosis - CVI, Lymphedema, Venous Disease
  • Notes on previous conservative treatments - examples include Unna boots, compression hose, compression wraps or previous pump use; compression, exercise and elevation if available