67% of venous ulcers recur within 48 months with elastic compression alone. *

During a single occasion of intermittent compression treatment, skin transcutaneous oxygen tension was found to increase approximately 80%. - K. Penkamaki, et al.

How does it work?  Intermittent, gradient, sequential compression therapy mimics the body’s venous return and elicits muscle contraction similar to that of exercise. This systematic process reduces pain and moves significant amounts of blood and lymph up through the system by compressing the vessels and the tissues.

According to an independent study, Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) speeds healing and increases the number of Venous Lymphatic Ulcers healed by providing an environment favorable to wound healing. Improved hematologic and hemodynamic effects and reduced edema are likely major contributors.

In well-designed clinical studies* focusing on IPC, improved healing has been demonstrated.

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*Wound care essentials: practice principles” Sharon Baranoskik Elizabeth A. Ayello, Edition 2 (2007)-479 pages