Edema/Lymphedema Treatment Prior to treating lymphedema, it is important to determine if the symptoms occurred because of infection. If so, an antibiotic must first be prescribed to clear up the infection. (Lymphangitis and Cellulitis are examples of infections and inflammations that can either be caused by or a complication of lymphedema.) Clearing up infection prior to treatment ensures that existing infections do not spread. When the patient is free from infection, treatment can then begin to reduce the effects of the lymphedema.

If the lymphedema was not caused by infection or if the infection has been medically treated, an approach to reduce the swelling can then be taken. Doctors primarily base their approach on what is known as Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) methods. Some of these methods are:

  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Proper skin care and diet
  • Bandaging
  • Compression garments
  • Self-manual lymphatic drainage and bandaging
  • Pneumatic Compression Pumps

Pneumatic Compression Pumps

One of the best ways to manage lymphedema is through gradient, segmental, intermittent, compression therapy. In more simple terms, patients who use our Lympha Press® devices put on the sleeve attachment just as they would a jacket sleeve or a boot. Air pressure then fills and releases gradually, which moves blood and fluid (lymph) up through the body. The treatment actually mimics the way muscles move during exercise and promotes healthy circulation. With ongoing use, pain is relieved, wounds heal and patients experience renewed energy. This therapy can also improve the calf muscle function and lower the rate of venous thrombosis of the lower extremity.

If you are seeking a solution to reduce the swelling caused by lymphedema, Lympha Press® can make a dramatic difference in your quality of life – and all in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Typical therapy sessions are just 30 – 60 minutes in length and are recommended twice daily.

Medical Solutions Supplier: Working for You

Medical Solutions Supplier’s constant goal is to improve quality of life and to help patients get the treatment they require. Most major health insurance providers, including Medicare, cover Lympha Press® equipment. Medical Solutions Supplier will work directly with your insurance provider and physician to make the process of getting a Lympha Press® as quick and easy as possible.