; About Us - Lympha Press

Lympha Press specializes in home therapy equipment and supplies to treat chronic or acute medical conditions. Our nationwide medical sales and support staff works closely with doctors, nurses, physician assistants, therapists, case managers and their patients to maintain medical compression devices and achieve the best possible results. We take pride in a highly-skilled team that does the training and use and operation for the medical compression devices. Additionally, this team enables us to professionally and efficiently meet the needs of the healthcare professionals, as well as the patients we serve.

Our corporate headquarters in Glen Mills, PA is home to a dedicated customer service team that works to quickly process each case received from throughout the country. From prescription to setup and delivery, they assist in selecting the appropriate equipment and supplies, obtain the necessary insurance paperwork, ship the compression pump therapy equipment and follow up to ensure that patients receive service in a timely manner.

The Lympha Press billing department provides expertise in obtaining insurance authorization, contracting with new insurance networks, determining a patient’s equipment needs and, when coverage is denied, will appeal these denials. We are devoted to handling the patient’s financial concerns, working directly with their insurance company as required. Lympha Press has an excellent payment success rate.

Three brand promises guide Lympha Press:

  • We Keep You Informed
  • We Love Our Patients
  • We Offer Proven Products

Communication. Care. Quality.

These qualities are what you can expect from Lympha Press.