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Meet Our Leadership Team

The story of Medical Solutions Supplier actually begins in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York, where Steve Kantor learned the values that have guided him throughout his life. It was in this close-knit community where his teachers played mahjong with his mom and he’d enjoy a nightly catch with his dad that he learned four words that would become the core value of his life – and eventually, his company: “Do the right thing.”

This refreshingly simple concept has anchored the growth of Medical Solutions Supplier since its humble beginnings as a two-person operation in the basement of a Glen Mills, PA town home. In between Bensonhurst and Glen Mills, however, was an all-important period that began at the University of Maryland, where Steve pursued a degree in math and computer science. It was the early 70’s and Steve was in the forefront of this groundbreaking technological era, writing computer programs and designing systems. His entrepreneurial spirit flourished as his skills were in demand as an independent contractor, writing systems for a variety of clients. Upon developing a claim-processing program used by a hospital outpatient facility, it occurred to him that this same system could prove effective in a doctor’s office setting. This ability to create a billing system – and get paid – led to a contract in Pennsylvania, and ultimately, the formation of Medical Solutions Supplier in 1994.

Why did he choose to focus on compression pump therapy? Because the results are so evident. “Since 2004 alone, we’ve helped over 100,000 patients. The pump therapy mimics what the body should be doing, and the thousands of patient testimonies of being mobile once again, or the ability to wear normally-sized shoes – or more dramatically, of avoiding amputation – these are the reasons why we do what we do each day.” This same message is echoed by each member of the Medical Solutions Supplier team.

The focus on patient well-being is at the heartbeat of the company, which has now grown to almost 70 employees. “The only way to grow was to delegate, and I have surrounded myself with incredibly talented people who share common core values.” Steve is quick to credit his wife, Renee, for her constant support and the sacrifices she was willing to make to enable him to pursue his vision for MSS. “My family is everything to me. I am blessed to share my life with the best partner imaginable, and my daughters Jayme and Chelsey are a constant source of pride for me.” Jayme is a successful attorney who performs as a singer in her free time. Chelsey was MSS’ first sales representative and is a loving mom to Steve’s only granddaughter, Lexi. Though grateful for the success he has enjoyed in business, to Steve these treasures are greater than any professional accomplishment.

An avid reader inspired by the insights of experts such as Verne Harnish, Jim Collins and Gary Hamel, Joseph Carberry’s career began in telemarketing and sales. In his early 20’s, he was already a top account executive for an environmental health and safety-training firm in Philadelphia.

“While playing golf one day with my friend Steve Kantor who is the President and Owner of Medical Solutions Supplier, he mentioned his desire to expand the Company’s sales. Unsolicited but inspired, I began to write a business plan to hire, train and support a full-time sales team.” When Steve Kantor read the plan, he invited Joseph to join the MSS team. With only a laptop, a cell phone and a folding table, Joseph's journey with Medical Solutions Supplier began in 2004. “What began in the basement of my friend Steve Kantor’s town home with just three employees now employs approximately 70 people and encompasses a space about five times the size of the original location.”

A key to the success of Medical Solutions Supplier has been Joseph's belief in creating an environment that empowers employees individually. “If you establish that kind of corporate culture, you’ll get a whole new level of creativity, passion and ideas. In today’s world, you can’t afford to stifle the creativity of the people in your organization for the sake of managing them to get a task done on a daily basis.” On the strength of this corporate culture, Medical Solutions Supplier will be positioned for success no matter what the future may bring.

Those who have enjoyed working on Joseph's team often cite his positive outlook, his inspiring leadership style and his willingness to consider “out-of-the-box” solutions to challenges. Not a fan of micromanagement, he believes in empowering his teammates to fulfill their professional and personal potential. He was recognized in 2012 as the Main Line Chamber of Commerce’s “Emerging Leader of the Year,” which received widespread press coverage, including articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Times and West Chester Daily Local News. He has also led Medical Solutions Supplier to five consecutive "Top Workplaces" distinctions by Philly.com and in 2016, the Company was also named to the Philadelphia Business Journal's "Best Places to Work."

A technology whiz, he is always sought after for “app information” or advice on the latest gadget. He enjoys driving his Harley and won’t hesitate to whip out his iPhone to show you the latest photos of his daughter, Olivia; son, Grayson or wife, Jennifer – three of his top reasons for the perpetual smile you see on his face.

Elijah Ansart’s career with Medical Solutions Supplier began in January of 2010 after the original hire for the Philadelphia market fell through. This was an unexpected turn of events as he and his wife, Kate, planned to move south. In fact, he had interviewed with companies in Florida for several weeks; however, the opportunity presented by Medical Solutions Supplier compelled him to stay put in the Northeast for a while longer.

It did not take long to realize that he’d made a fantastic decision. The support and camaraderie he experienced was what every employee hopes to find in a company. Success quickly followed. The Philadelphia market grew. Clients were added and connections were made, many of which exist to this day - but change was coming. In 2012 an opportunity opened in Florida, and this time Elijah could take his experience with him. He relocated with his Kate and two children to become the Medical Solutions Supplier Compression Therapy Consultant for the North Florida/South Georgia region. Over the course of his eight years working that territory, it grew to one of the Company’s top five in the country. The offer to join the Company’s Leadership Team was extended in 2019, and he accepted the position of National Sales Manager.

Elijah enjoys many hobbies, including surfing, reading, writing, hiking, and gardening. His greatest joy comes from his wife Kate, son Gabriel, and daughter Farrah. Their love, support, and encouragement are what fuels him.

As a manager, he strives to draw out the best in his team and win! He knows that Medical Solutions Supplier’s best days are ahead, and that there are endless opportunities to grow as individuals and teammates. To quote him: “It’s great to make a living helping others and Medical Solutions Supplier is committed to helping its employees, clients, and most of all, its patients.”

With more than 25 years of experience in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) field, Deborah Lalli was recruited to join the Medical Solutions Supplier team in 2006. “What impressed me most was how the Company’s core values provide a foundation for decision-making.” More than just a marketing tag line, “we truly are about making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Married to husband Tony for over 20 years, she is a devoted mom to sons, Tony and Dominick. Spending time with her family, weekend trips to the mountains and supporting her favorite charities, the Easter Seals and Variety Club, are her favorite pastimes. Debbi also serves on the Family Advisory Council for Nemours/Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children “Having a child with special needs, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible good accomplished by these organizations,” says Debbi.

Debbi’s role in the Medical Solutions Supplier Executive Team is critical, ensuring that operations maintain the highest standards. Her attention to detail and to “doing the right thing always” ultimately makes it a pleasure for our physicians, patients and payers to do business with MSS.

Gary Welsh has put his Accounting and Finance degree from Lycoming College to good use, most recently as the CFO and COO of one of the largest residential alarm companies in the United States. One might think there are no parallels between an alarm company and Medical Solutions Supplier, but Gary noted that both “have a profound effect in saving and enriching lives.”

Work that makes a difference overflows into Gary’s personal life, where he volunteers for and supports the SPCA as well as Wounded Warriors.

He’s an avid sports fan who also enjoys watching Criminal Minds with his daughter. A road trip with his wife to the beaches in Ocean City Maryland are one of his favorite getaways.

Gary’s passion for finance and all things related to business include analyzing mom-and-pop operations to Fortune 500 success stories.

His favorite quotes? “The very best way to tell the character of an individual is to give them power.” – Abraham Lincoln and “People never plan to fail, they fail to plan.” – John Beckley

Ed Davis joined Medical Solutions Supplier in December 2012 as a Compression Therapy Consultant, taking over the Eastern Pennsylvania Territory. He previously served as the Phamaceutical/Biotech Key Account Manager for Acco Brands.

Born and raised in Doylestown, PA, Ed still calls this Bucks County community his home. He and his wife Danielle and daughters Reese, Ella and Nyla love the outdoors, and Ed coaches many of his daughters' activities, while particularly enjoying their hobby of Irish dancing! In his spare time, this lifelong fly fisherman travels all over North America to discover beautiful places to fly fish. He's even participated in a Fly Fishing tournament series in the Florida Keys called the "RedBone" that is dedicated to the cure of Cystic Fibrosis. Ed also volunteered at the 2014 VA Wheelchair Games in Philadelphia, PA.

Ed's rise within the Medical Solutions Supplier organization is a credit to his outstanding work ethic (and some say, his amazing brownie recipe!) "MSS is like family to me," says Davis. "There are many organizations who talk about ethics, principles and the importance of doing the right thing. MSS doesn’t simply talk that talk - we walk the walk every single day. Patients and people have always come first for over a quarter of a century and many more years to come."

Cynthia’s vast background as a former business owner and Chief Operating Officer for her Philadelphia environmental health and safety training firm of over ten years and professional reputation for upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance and Human Resource background led Medical Solutions Supplier to recruit her as a consultant back in 2005. The immediate task was to prepare and submit the Company’s Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) application. This successful initiative soon led to an offer of full-time employment. Initially serving in the dual roles of Director of Human Resources and Operations, she now focuses on Human Resources and Compliance as a member of the MSS Executive Team.

Her attention to detail was honed during her fifteen-year career with the Department of Justice Antitrust Division, where she managed the workflow for 16 attorneys and five paralegals and prepared and filed all legal documents connected with Grand Jury investigations and trials.

When not at work, there’s nothing she likes better than cooking up a gourmet feast (accompanied by good wine and music) for her friends, or heading out to the links to improve her golf game. She enjoys volunteering for the American Cancer Society and supporting the SPCA.

Some of her favorite quotes provide insight into her philosophy of life: “When you blame others, you give up your power to change,” “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and “Dance like no one can see you; sing like no one can hear you – and love like you cannot be hurt!”

Back in 2000, Chelsey Kantor received a call from her father, Steve, asking if she wanted to gain some real-world sales experience during her senior year at the University of Maryland.

At that time, Medical Solutions Supplier consisted of just two employees! The Company’s corporate headquarters? The basement of Steve Kantor’s townhouse.

Undaunted, she started calling on doctors’ offices in the greater Baltimore area, educating them on the benefits of compression therapy for their patients who suffered from chronic venous disorders and lymphedema. After graduating, a move to Denver, Colorado brought Chelsey the opportunity to work for another medical supply company that specialized in compression garments. She continued to market Medical Solutions Supplier’s compression therapy products; specifically, Lympha Press pumps.

Seeing the increasing demand for this product, Steve Kantor offered Chelsey the chance to move back to Maryland and open the Baltimore and D.C. markets as the first full-time compression therapy consultant for the Company. Serving in this capacity for a decade, Chelsey opened and maintained accounts that work with Medical Solutions Supplier to this day.

After the birth of her daughter Lexi in 2010, Chelsey decided to hang up her car keys, accepting a patient care position within the company.

The Company’s emphasis on patient care and quality service continued to grow and in 2020, it was clear that this commitment required the formation of a new department; one that Chelsey was uniquely qualified to lead.

Her nearly twenty years of institutional knowledge regarding a broad spectrum of Company operations is invaluable to the Patient Relations Team. “My goal is to ensure that every person who encounters Medical Solutions Supplier has a quality experience, from start to finish,” says Chelsey. “Our mission is to make life better, and my team is devoted to achieving this goal with every patient.”

In her free time, Chelsey loves to run and is committed to physical fitness. Cooking, entertaining family and friends, spending time at the beach, and home remodeling and decorating projects are among her favorite past times – surpassed only by watching her daughter Lexi excel at horseback riding and taking long, leisurely walks with their Golden Retriever, Summer.

Sharing an office complex with Medical Solutions Supplier in a previous career led to Tony Purcell joining the Company in 2011 as a Compression Therapy Consultant for South/Southwest Florida.  “When I’d pass MSS employees in the hallway or would strike up a conversation, I was struck by the positivity of this Company’s workforce. Instead of grumbling about their jobs, they seemed excited to come to work in the morning,” Tony noted. “As a Director of Sales and Recruitment, I approached the company's CEO, Joseph Carberry, to sound him out about how he motivated his employees.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

When Medical Solutions Supplier’s SW Florida territory became available, Tony jumped at the chance to join the team. The icing on the cake? His son, TJ and family lived in the vicinity of Fort Myers, FL. A devoted family man, the move suited Tony both professionally and personally.  Aside from building outstanding relationships with MSS’ referral sources, he became a Scuba-diving “addict” in the Florida Keys.  This is where the story could have happily ended – but it gets better.

TJ, his wife Kristina, and two beloved grandchildren – Chase and Chloe – made the decision to return to Southeastern Pennsylvania. The years passed and Tony’s frequent flyer miles mounted, until a serendipitous turn of events opened the door for his work and family life to reunite once again.  A leadership position at the Corporate Office opened up, and Tony’s unique leadership, sales, and people skills uniquely qualified him for the role of Sales Team Leader/South.

Grandchild number three, Ciana, arrived in December 2018, so Tony’s return to the Delaware Valley in October 2018 couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. Our Company tag line is “Because Life Can Be Better” – and the addition of Tony to MSS’ Leadership has definitely made our team better.

Brenda Viola joined the Medical Solutions Supplier first as a consultant and became a full-time member of the Executive Team in 2012. Her career has included stints as a journalist and news anchor; a QVC Show Host, and a Public Information Officer for a first-ring suburb of Philadelphia. "What I love about working for a company like MSS is the freedom to be creative and the invigorating exchange of ideas that sharpen each of us to contribute our best," remarked Brenda.

From marketing slicks to social media; employee newsletters to press releases, Brenda is kept busy by the constant flow of good news surrounding the Company. "MSS cares about people, and this ripple effect has led to volumes of glowing patient testimonies as well as 8 consecutive Top Workplace…and the number 19 ranking on FORTUNE’s list of Top Small Businesses in America. Combined with our many charitable endeavors and our exclusive distribution of the outstanding Lympha Press® devices, I never have a lack of material!"

Brenda resides in Sarasota, Florida. In her spare time she is a sought-after communications coach and motivational speaker. In 2020, she published The Public Servants’ Survival Guide: Ten Keys to Reclaim Your Joy in Work and Life While Doing What You Love.

Prior to joining Medical Solutions Supplier, Kathy served for over 20 years as the Office/ Billing Manager for a very busy podiatry practice. She attended St. Joseph’s University where she majored in Psychology and brings a passion for people to her role as Operations Team Leader.

“My work philosophy is simple: Keep people at the heart of everything. I see us in partnership with doctors and clinicians who tirelessly work to tackle lymphedema’s impacts on their patients. We work diligently to make lives better for the patients who are referred to us and we take very seriously the responsibility to our Team of dedicated colleagues who make MSS such a great place to work.”

Outside of work, Kathy and her husband/best friend of over 40 years, Roger, focus their attention on charities supporting those with Heart Disease and Lung Cancer, as well as avidly supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital. She loves the outdoors, visiting Longwood Gardens and spending time with her three adult children, Timothy, Stephen, Colleen and their spouses. Her face especially lights up at the mention of her grandchildren: Ben, Nathan, Theo, Lennon and Lucy. Ellie and Finn, a 17-year old bichon and 7-year old shipoo, complete her household.

A favorite quote of Kathy’s is one by Denis Waitley: “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”

Her over 20 years in the medical field have well-equipped Traci Vincent for her role as Billing and Collections Team Leader. Traci’s career with Medical Solutions Supplier began in 2007 in the very department she now leads. Not only the sole medical biller, she filled in for other positions as needed and fulfilled each role with excellence and professionalism. She continues to oversee Medicare Accounts Receivable, which includes all Medicare appeals and audits. Her promotion to lead billing and collections in December 2020 includes critical reporting duties that provide valuable insight to the overall efficiency of the organization.

December 2020 was a landmark time in Traci’s life for more than professional reasons. That’s also the month she married “the most outgoing and funniest guy ever”- her husband, Lou. She is the proud mom of daughter Madison and a son, Jimmy. In her spare time you can find Traci cheering on her daughter’s soccer team or being her son’s number one fan in anything he pursues. She loves a good book and enjoys browsing book stores. Her favorite films are horror movies, and she watches Forensic Files every night! Traci is also “mom” to two cats – Meadow and Ivy. She confesses that if Lou allowed it, she’d adopt a house full of kittens.