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Meet Our Executive Team

An avid reader inspired by diverse influences like Verne Harnish, Simon Sinek, and Viktor Frankl, Joe Carberry’s career began in telemarketing and sales. In his early 20’s, he was already a top account executive for an environmental health and safety-training firm in Philadelphia.

“While playing golf one day with my friend Steve Kantor, the founder of Medical Solutions Supplier, he mentioned his desire to expand the Company’s sales. The conversation motivated me to write a business plan to hire, train and support a full-time sales team.”

That plan led to a job offer. With only a laptop, a cell phone and a folding table, Joe’s journey with Medical Solutions Supplier began in 2004 and continued to the Company’s acquisition in 2021. “Because we believed in making life better for as many people as possible, we soon outgrew the basement office in Steve’s townhome. This mission continues to fuel our growth as Lympha Press.”

Trademarks of Joe’s leadership style are transparency and candor. “Trust is the underpinning of our culture at Lympha Press. We’ve created an environment that fosters creativity and welcomes new ideas, which is a key to our continued growth and success.”

Those who work on Joe's team often cite his positive outlook, his inspiring leadership style and his willingness to consider “out-of-the-box” solutions to challenges. Not a fan of micromanagement, he believes in empowering his teammates to fulfill their professional and personal potential.

An impressive list of awards has followed. In 2012, Joe was the Main Line Chamber of Commerce’s “Emerging Leader of the Year.” In both 2019 and 2020, he received a Great Place to Work® For All™ Leadership Award - one of only 50 global leaders to make this prestigious list. In between? Eight consecutive "Top Workplaces" distinctions by the Philadelphia Inquirer, a Philadelphia Business Journal "Best Places to Work" award and rankings on FORTUNE Magazine’s Best Small Workplaces in America and Best Workplaces in Healthcare and BioPharma.

Joe is an active member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and supports a variety of charities, including Bringing Hope Home, which helps families facing a cancer diagnosis.

Known for singing in his office, making recommendations for the next great documentary to watch, or bursting into laughter, his greatest joys are wrapped up in family. Olivia, Grayson and wife, Jennifer, are his true treasures – and the reasons for the perpetual smile you see on his face.

Eric Ansart, President of Lympha Press, has served the lymphedema community for nearly fifteen years. He began as a compression therapy consultant for a Delaware Valley medical device company, where his passion to help those with lymphatic disorders and raise awareness to these conditions was born. “When this chapter of my career started, lymphedema was often misdiagnosed or overlooked,” noted Ansart. “To see the tremendous strides made in research along with helping patients effectively manage their condition is extremely gratifying work.”

Building effective teams, encouraging individuals to fulfill their potential, and removing obstacles that keep them from accomplishing their goals are trademarks of Ansart’s professional career. He holds an MS in Organizational Leadership and enjoys a wide network of contacts based on his varied professional and personal interests.

Eric’s commitment to the cause of lymphedema awareness and education is evident. He serves as a Board Member for both the NLN (National Lymphedema Network) and FVLD (Foundation for Venous and Lymphatic Disease).

An avid bike enthusiast and recreational diver and surfer, his Northern Florida location is perfect to explore these pursuits. “The outdoors refresh me,” adds Eric. “Being awed by the vastness of the world around me puts both the challenges and successes of life in perspective.” He’s also known for his baking skills (just ask him about his homemade scones!) and overall sense of adventure. What he would view as most important, however, are his roles as husband and father to two children – his favorite companions for every adventure.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) field, Deborah Lalli was recruited to join the Medical Solutions Supplier team in 2006. “What impressed me most was how the Company’s core values provided a foundation for decision-making.” More than just a marketing tag line, “we truly are about making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Debbi’s role in the Lympha Press Executive Team is critical, ensuring that operations maintain the highest standards. She leads the organization’s reimbursement, patient relations, and administrative teams. Her attention to detail and to “doing the right thing always” ultimately makes it a pleasure for our physicians, patients and payers to do business with Lympha Press.

Married to husband Tony for over 20 years, she is a devoted mom to sons, Tony and Dominick. Spending time with her family, weekend trips to the mountains and supporting her favorite charities, the Easter Seals and Variety Club, are her favorite pastimes. Debbi also serves on the Family Advisory Council for Nemours/Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children “Having a child with special needs, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible good accomplished by these organizations,” says Debbi.

Gary Welsh has put his Accounting and Finance degree from Lycoming College to good use, most recently as the CFO and COO of one of the largest residential alarm companies in the United States. One might think there are no parallels between an alarm company and Lympha Press, but Gary noted that both “have a profound effect in saving and enriching lives.”

Work that makes a difference overflows into Gary’s personal life, where he volunteers for and supports the SPCA as well as Wounded Warriors.

He’s an avid sports fan who also enjoys watching Criminal Minds with his daughter. A road trip with his wife to the beaches in Ocean City Maryland are one of his favorite getaways.

Gary’s passion for finance and all things related to business include analyzing mom-and-pop operations to Fortune 500 success stories.

His favorite quotes? “The very best way to tell the character of an individual is to give them power.” – Abraham Lincoln and “People never plan to fail, they fail to plan.” – John Beckley

Elijah Ansart’s career with Lympha Press began with Medical Solutions Supplier in January of 2010 after the original hire for the Philadelphia market fell through. This was an unexpected turn of events as he and his wife, Kate, planned to move south. In fact, he had interviewed with companies in Florida for several weeks; however, the opportunity compelled him to stay put in the Northeast for a while longer.

It did not take long to realize that he’d made a fantastic decision. The support and camaraderie he experienced was what every employee hopes to find in a company. Success quickly followed. The Philadelphia market grew. Clients were added and connections were made, many of which exist to this day - but change was coming. In 2012 an opportunity opened in Florida, and this time Elijah could take his experience with him. He relocated with Kate and two children to become the Compression Therapy Consultant for the North Florida/South Georgia region. Over the course of his eight years working that territory, it grew to one of the Company’s top five in the country. The offer to join the Company’s Leadership Team was extended in 2019. He currently serves as Vice-President of Sales and a key member of the Lympha Press Executive Team.

Elijah enjoys many hobbies, including surfing, reading, writing, hiking, and gardening. His greatest joys come from his wife Kate, son Gabriel, and daughter Farrah. Their love, support, and encouragement are what fuels him.

As a manager, he strives to draw out the best in his team and win! He knows that Lympha Press’ best days are ahead, and that there are endless opportunities to grow as individuals and teammates. To quote him: “It’s great to make a living helping others and Lympha Press is committed to helping its employees, clients, and most of all, its patients.”

Janelle Krein-Silvers joined the Lympha Press team in 2015 as the VP of Finance, handling all aspects of the Patriot Medical Distributors business. In her new role as Chief Supply Chain Officer, her focus will be on the Company’s vast inventory and customer service needs. “What has always impressed me about the culture of our organization is that it is truly patient first,” noted Janelle. “Our priority is taking care of people well, and this includes every patient or medical professional we encounter, and of course, the amazing people that comprise our teams.” Janelle leads the teams who perform shipping, inventory, customer service, repair, and IT.

Her commitment to the cause of lymphedema awareness and research is evidenced by her role as co-founder of the Delaware Valley Chapter of LE&RN, the Lymphatic Education and Research Network.

With over 20 years in the financial field, Janelle received her MBA from Rosemont College. She serves as a board member of the Siegel Jewish Community Center and contributes to its finance and personnel committees. Devoted to wife, Kari, and son, Kaden, she admits to learning the ins and outs of being a soccer mom, while growing a vegetable garden and fighting squirrels. Her happy family is rounded out by her beloved cats, Hank and Tabby.