; Mission & Core Values - Lympha Press

The Lympha Press Core Values are central to our award-winning workplace culture, and are comprised of five guideposts:

1. PUT PEOPLE FIRST – Our Company was founded with a commitment to “always do the right thing.” This core value impacts every aspect of our business. Whether a patient searching for help with a chronic condition or health care professionals seeking solutions to address patients’ challenges, you can be assured that each representative will provide assistance with integrity, professionalism and respect. We encourage our team to practice fairness, to put others first, to work hard and to not cut corners. Employees are empowered to exercise their integrity – and to expect more from themselves than they do of others. At the heart of doing the right thing, always, is to “Put People First.”

2. BE COURAGEOUSLY KIND – Along with treating others with respect and dignity, we believe kindness is wrapped up in gratitude. We believe in expressing appreciation to our patients, referral sources and each other. Honesty is highly esteemed, but we believe it should be offered with kindness. Simply put, we are fans of the Golden Rule and our team has permission to “Go ahead – make someone’s day!”

3. SOLVE THE PROBLEM – Our open doors welcome the free-flow of ideas. Our team members are encouraged to not only raise problematic issues but also to suggest solutions to rectify the situations. Rather than finger-pointing, we value critical thinking that evaluates processes, not people. Because we are a team, if we don’t have an answer, we seek help. Providing solutions for our clients, whether a patient or a medical office or the person in the adjacent cubicle trips our joy circuits.

4. INSPIRE OTHERS – We believe that the foundation for all successful relationships in life and in business is good communication. To that end, we encourage a culture that seeks to understand before being understood. Radical candor is a common term used by our team members (tempered with health doses of courageous kindness). Because we value our patients and referral sources, we pride ourselves on proactive communication throughout the process of obtaining a Lympha Press or ArtAssist – and the hallmark of our customer service is the follow-up call that asks, “How ARE you?” The answers we receive make for compelling stories of lives changed for the better. We love to share Lympha Press success stories, because we know that sharing good news inspires hope and action to help even more people, which is our primary goal. And THAT is what inspires us.

5. REDEFINE POSSIBLE – Our workplace is an invigorating environment where team members are encouraged to challenge themselves and aspire to grow, to realize their power and be visionary in their approach to work. We know firsthand the value of dreaming big; after all, our Company initially started in a townhome basement with just two employees (and one was the owner!) When people know their values and realize their power, the possibilities are endless. As we like to say: “Ceiling? What ceiling?”

OUR MISSION answers the question “Why?” The answer: Because Life Can Be Better. Our mission is that every life we touch – whether a patient, a referral source, or our team of employees – is left better because of our involvement.

Fulfilling our mission is inseparably linked to quality relationships cultivated over years of “doing the right thing.” From connections developed with doctor’s offices or wound care centers to our vendors and the community-at-large, we place our highest value on people. This emphasis begins at our corporate office, where each employee embraces the above-listed core values. Because of this respectful and appreciative environment, our team is inspired to make life better for those with whom they interact.