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Glen Mills, PA – For the fourth consecutive year, Medical Solutions Supplier, a leading provider of home therapy equipment and supplies to treat chronic or acute medical conditions, has embarked on a charitable initiative to benefit those with breast cancer.   

"Our Sales Representatives are known for delivering brownies to their referral sources," remarked Joseph Carberry, Executive Team Leader.  "Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our compression therapy devices help many who are recovering from breast cancer surgery, we dedicated this final quarter of 2017 to raise awareness about Bringing Hope Home, a charity that helps pay the bills for families facing a cancer diagnosis.”

Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit organization that provides Unexpected Amazingness to families with cancer through financial and emotional support. Through its Light of Hope Family Grant, the organization offers one-time grants to pay essential household bills for Families with cancer. Since its inception in 2008, Bringing Hope Home has supported over 4,000 families with over $4.7 million dollars in assistance.

The "Brownies for Breast Cancer" idea originated from Philadelphia-area Sales Representative Mike O'Brien back in 2014. "Mike O'Brien genuinely cares about the patients he serves.  We consistently receive compliments from referral sources who commend his commitment to customer service; a commitment that extends far beyond the sale of compression pumps."  His simple concept to connect his normal brownie deliveries with a cause grew into a company-wide charitable tradition.

"Giving back is a hallmark of Medical Solutions Supplier," added Steve Kantor, Founder and President. "Case studies show that 15% of all women who have had breast cancer will develop lymphedema over the course of their lifetime.  Our pneumatic compression pumps deliver gentle compression and massage that mimic the normal pumping action of the lymphatic system and produce results that improve quality of life for these patients." 

When lymph nodes or lymphatic vessels are damaged, which can be an unfortunate side affect of lymph node removal or radiation therapy, fluid cannot leave the body.  As the fluid builds up, the affected area swells dramatically, making skin fragile. 
"It is critical to move the stagnant lymph fluid back into circulation, and our compression therapy does so in the comfort of the patient's home," noted Carberry.

Joan Caffray from Fort Wayne, Indiana has experienced the benefits of Medical Solutions Supplier's compression pump therapy first hand.  "As a 13-year breast cancer survivor, I use the pump every day for one hour and it helps the fluid waste to leave my body.  I wouldn't be without it."  Jacqueline Smith from Fredericksburg, Virginia wrote to express her thanks:  "My arms now have gone from a size 18 to 14.  I only wish I had this earlier.  It would have saved me a lot of suffering."

"We have hundreds more testimonies just like these, which has been a motivating force for Medical Solutions Supplier since 1994," mentioned Kantor.  "We are gratified by the results our product produces.”

For more information on Bringing Hope Home, visit www.bringinghopehome.org. To learn more about how compression pump therapy can benefit those suffering with lymphedema and other conditions, visit www.medsolsupplier.com.