; Case Study on Treating Stasis Ulcers Published - Lympha Press

Glen Mills, PA - Often times a complicated lower extremity wound requires a well thought out and comprehensive treatment plan to achieve a satisfactory outcome.   Advanced wound care often requires a multi-specialty approach involving the expertise of plastic and reconstructive surgeons, podiatrists, vascular surgeons and infectious disease consultants.  Coordination of services, careful planning and the use of available technologies often results in satisfactory outcomes with maintained function status. 

Dr. Randall Russell, Medical Director of the Lankenau Hospital Wound Healing Center in Wynnewood, PA, documented a case study published by PRESENT e Learning.  This study concludes that the use of a multi-modality approach, including intermittent pneumatic compression produces improved outcomes; primarily, a prompt and steady resolution of ulcerations.  Follow this prompt to read the entire study.