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All Medical Solutions Supplier procedures are in compliance with our accreditation standards. Medical Solutions Supplier is accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. (CHAP)

The CHAP Accreditation Process

The CHAP accreditation process utilizes the CHAP Standards of Excellence that are driven by considerations of management, quality, client outcomes, adequate resources, and long-term viability.

The goal is to assist all types of community-based health care organizations to:

  • Strengthen internal operations
  • Promote continuous quality improvement techniques and systems
  • Promote consumer safety, satisfaction and outcomes
  • Affirm public trust
  • Meet community health needs in a cost efficient and effective manner
  • Maintain the viability of community health practice nationwide

In keeping with its mission to define and advance the highest standards of community- based health care, CHAP continually reviews the Standards of Excellence to assure currency and relevance for the community healthcare industry. Revisions are created through a multi-customer input mechanism, utilizing industry experts, providers, and professional staff, and implemented thoughtfully after a published comment period.

CHAP standards place a strong emphasis on organizational management and client outcomes. They can be used as a blueprint to build and maintain a highly effective community- based care organization, assuring positive outcomes for the community served and the viability of the organization.

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