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In most cases, home use is recommended as an adjunctive treatment. Once contacted, we then work directly with the patient and their physician to obtain the needed prescription as well as documentation required by the insurance company. As experts in both private insurance and Medicare coverage, we begin working for you. A full-time, Compression Therapy Consultant dedicated to serve your local area will be assigned to help:

    1. Provides forms – Once the patient’s diagnosis has been determined, Lympha Press provides the Rx forms with the Medicare approved causality for lymphedema and edema/wounds/ulcers caused by venous insufficiency. Office notes and patient demographics are needed to support the diagnosis and prescription, and if needed, our representative will assist in completing this step.
    2. Work with the patient and doctor(s) in the approval process to build the case for authorization and show medical necessity. The authorization process may take as little as one day or as long as several weeks, depending on the coverage. Once authorized, the equipment is sent to the local Lympha Press representative.
    3. Contact the patient and/or doctor’s office to arrange a time for the personal delivery of the device to the patient.
    4. Apply the device on the patient and perform a complete therapy session.
    5. Take measurements before and after therapy to establish a baseline and to further document medical necessity. A thorough explanation of the equipment and the process is performed and careful observation is made to assure comfort and proper performance of the therapy. Findings are documented and delivery is completed when the patient signs approval documentation.
    6. Send documentation of the therapy session to the doctor(s)’ office, with a copy on file at Lympha Press, as well as with the patient’s insurance company.
    7. Follow up with the patient to make sure that there are no questions about the therapy, the equipment or its effectiveness. Any problems are reported to the doctor(s) office.

Complete the form below or contact us today at 800.734.0422 to schedule an in-service with a local Compression Therapy Consultant. We are dedicated to providing effective solutions for your patients and to making the process easy and efficient for your office.

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