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What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a system that solves the “paper problem” by secure, electronic transmission of information between Lympha Press and the healthcare professionals we serve.  Use of DocuSign is fully HIPAA compliant.

How does using DocuSign benefit your office?

Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, the DocuSign Global Network replaces manual, paper-based methods, making it easier and more efficient to submit documentation needed to fulfill an order for a pump. 

How does the process work?

Five simple steps that take less than a minute will fulfill your documentation requirements to order a pump.  You will:

1.  Receive an e-mail with “Please DocuSign this document” in the subject line.  Follow the prompt to “View Documents.”

2.  Agree to do business electronically with Lympha Press.

3.  Depress “Review Document”

4.  Complete the medical necessity information using the drop downs provided. 

5.  Adopt and sign the order (which transmits the document back to Lympha Press. 

NOTE:  Your first use of DocuSign will prompt you to create your electronic signature.

You will then have the option to download a PDF or print a copy for your records; a confirmation page will inform you that our team is already at work to process your order and provide a pump for your patient! 

Please contact our office at 800-734-0422 if you would like further information. 

It is a pleasure to do business with your office and we are delighted to offer DocuSign to streamline your ordering process with Lympha Press and better serve you and your patients. 

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