; Lymphedema Patient Notes Marked Improvement after One Month’s Use of Lympha Press® PCD 51 - Medical Solutions Supplier

Glen Mills, PA – Sandra Nash of Carrboro, North Carolina has suffered from lymphedema for over 18 years.  “A spider bite left me with severe vascular complications, including lymphedema,” wrote Ms. Nash in a patient testimonial received by Medical Solutions Supplier in July 2015.  “Over the course of these 18 years, I have been seen by several medical professionals, but none had pursued my use of a compression pump.”

Her search for relief led Ms. Nash to the Vascular Clinic at UNC Hospital.  “The wound care clinic personnel determined that I would benefit from compression pump therapy and wrote the necessary orders to help me get it.”  Medical Solutions Supplier Senior Compression Therapy Consultant, Richard Perry, responded to the request. “I have had my pump about a month, with marked results.  The circumference of my calf is now below 50 centimeters, which greatly helps my balance.”

“It is testimonies such as these that inspire our team at work each day,” remarked Joseph Carberry, Executive Team Leader for Medical Solutions Supplier.  “We are grateful for the healthcare professionals with whom we work that recognize the positive difference our Lympha Press compression therapy can make in patients’ lives.

Sandra Nash happens to also be a retired Registered Nurse.  Though she wishes she had been prescribed her compression pump years ago, she says, “I am grateful for this technology and service on my behalf.  I hope to see even greater, long-term changes in the future.”

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