; MSS Marks One Year with WoundExpert - Lympha Press

Glen Mills, PA – In April 2013, Medical Solutions Supplier became one of the first pneumatic compression pump vendors to enter into an agreement for Net Health’s ConnectionsProgram in the WoundExpert® software which enables orders to be completed and transmitted electronically.   As the Company marks its one-year anniversary with WoundExpert®, the goals of providing more efficient service to hundreds of wound care centers and to help treat more patients have been realized.   

            Wound Expert® is a web-based software application that provides integrated electronic medical records (EMR) for wound care management, supporting a 100% paperless patient record.  “Clearly, this method has saved the time and effort associated with traditional paper-based ordering,” remarked Joe Carberry, Executive Team Leader for Medical Solutions Supplier.  “We continually seek ways to simplify the ordering process while ensuring that the necessary documentation is provided.  Wound Expert® has helped us achieve these goals, while expanding our reach and enabling us to improve quality of life for more patients.”

            With the launch of the Wound Expert® Pneumatic Compression Module, Medical Solutions Supplier’s compression pump equipment was more easily available to approximately 30,000 physicians, clinicians and health care professionals.  Currently, over 1,000 wound clinics use Net Health’s software and can place equipment and supply orders to assist with wound management.  “Our customers represent 90% of wound care clinics that have moved from paper to electronic charting,” said Christopher Hayes, Chief Technology Officer of Net Health. “They live in the digital era of clinical care and expect efficiencies and conveniences to eliminate duplicate efforts and save clinician’s time. Giving them an electronic connection with Medical Solutions Supplier and the ability to directly order an electronic pneumatic compression pump for a patient fits perfectly with our clients’ expectations from the WoundExpert® software.  This project is consistent with our goal to improve the overall wound clinic experience.”   

            “Along with assisting new clients, our collaboration with Wound Expert® has enabled us to demonstrate what truly distinguishes Medical Solutions Supplier – our customer service,” added Eric Ansart, National Sales Team Leader.  Once an order is placed, Medical Solutions Supplier’s compression therapy consultants and support staff work with patients’ insurance providers and arrange delivery of the compression pumps.  “Our representatives provide thorough training on the use of the equipment in the comfort of the patient’s home, personally answer any questions and then follow up to make sure the device is being used correctly.”

            This commitment to customer service has been a hallmark of Medical Solutions Supplier since it was founded in 1994.  “It was imperative to us that when a clinician ordered from Medical Solutions Supplier, they could be confident that their patient would receive the necessary attention to ensure a comfort level with the use of their compression pump therapy,” said Steve Kantor, Founder and President of Medical Solutions Supplier.  “This is critically important, because giving patients the confidence to use their pump and showing them how easy it is to use leads to compliance – and compliance leads to successful outcomes.”

            In November 2014, Medical Solutions Supplier will mark its 20th year in business helping patients who suffer from chronic wounds, lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency and other related circulatory conditions.   have benefited from Medical Solutions Supplier’s compression pump therapy.  To learn more about Medical Solutions Supplier’s compression pump therapy, visit www.medsolsupplier.com