; New Science and Lymphedema — Part One Of A Three-Part Series with LE&RN - Medical Solutions Supplier

New discoveries about the lymphatic system have reshaped what is known about lymphatic overload and how to care for patients with lymphedema.

At the forefront of the new science is Dr. Andrea Brennan, OTD, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CI-CS, WCC, who holds a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy with a specialty in lymphedema practice management. A self-described “lymphomaniac,” she is passionate about helping the medical community understand lymphedema. After traveling the world sharing her wisdom at international conferences, she is now sharing her thoughts with us.

Thinking Lymphatically: A Three-Part Educational Series

Learn more in Dr. Brennan’s educational series, “Thinking Lymphatically.” Explore new research on the endothelial glycocalyx, review updates to Ernest Starling’s principle, and gain new insights into the latest in lymphedema treatment.

Dr. Brennan shares real-life stories of some of her most common and difficult cases. You’ll likely recognize similar cases to those you’ve seen in your own practice. Please join us for an educational journey that could shift your view of lymphedema forever.

This is a 5-minute read.

This story series is a partnership of LE&RN, Lympha Press, and Medical Solutions Supplier. For 25 years, Medical Solutions Supplier has provided innovative compression pump home therapy equipment that supports the best possible patient outcomes.