; New Science and Lymphedema — Part Three Of A Three-Part Series with LE&RN - Medical Solutions Supplier

As medical providers, we want to make sure every patient receives the best care possible. That can be tough with lymphedema patients, especially those with challenging and treatment-resistant cases. However, new discoveries are giving fresh hope for medical professionals who treat lymphedema, as well as their patients.

Learn more with Dr. Andrea Brennan, OTD, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CI-CS, WCC, who holds a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy with a specialty in lymphedema practice management. A self-described “lymphomaniac,” she is passionate about helping the medical community understand lymphedema. Dr. Brennan has traveled the world to speak at international conferences and is sharing her wisdom with us.

Ensuring Every Lymphedema Patient Receives the Best Care Possible

Click here to read part three of Dr. Brennan’s three-part educational series. In this article, she recaps the importance of the endothelial glycocalyx in microvascular fluid movement and shows how this discovery is impacting patient diagnosis.

With detailed descriptions and examples from her practice, Dr. Brennan explains how your patient care can be reshaped by new findings aboutlymphedema. She also shares some personal thoughts about the challenges presented by the insurance/Medicare system.

You will likely see some of your own patients reflected in these cases. Please join us for the final article in this intriguing lymphedema series from Dr. Brennan.

This is an 8-minute read.

This story series is a partnership of LE&RN, Lympha Press, and Medical Solutions Supplier. For 25 years, Medical Solutions Supplier has provided innovative compression pump home therapy equipment that supports the best possible patient outcomes.