; "Nothing Helped...Until Lympha Press" - Medical Solutions Supplier

Green Cove Springs, FL - Billy Ledbetter had suffered for more than two years with swollen legs and feet.  Months of at-home physical therapy as well as therapy outside the home were attempted to address the painful open sores and ulcers he dealt with on a daily basis. "Tests of my veins and arteries didn't show anything," remarked Mr. Ledbetter.  "Nothing helped."

Then his doctor prescribed a Lympha Press and everything changed.

"After the first 20 minutes there was a noticeable difference in the size of my legs," he noted.  "I was amazed because I didn't think anything would ever help."

Since using the pump, Mr. Ledbetter reports that the pain in his legs is greatly improved and the sores he suffered with are healed.  In a heartfelt note written to Medical Solutions Supplier, he says, "What a shame I had to suffer needlessly when there was such a simple solution for my problems."

Medical Solutions Supplier's tag line is "Because Life Can Be Better" - but the phrase is more than words that accompany our logo. We are delighted that Billy Ledbetter's life is better because of Lympha Press, and we look forward to helping many more people.  If you know of someone who deals with swollen legs and feet, has chronic wounds that won't heal or has been diagnosed with lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency, please share Mr. Ledbetter's story and encourage them to ask their doctor if Lympha Press can help them, too.