; Patient Success Story: Sydney Keller - Lympha Press

Glen Mills, PA - Each year, Medical Solutions Supplier receives hundreds of quality assurance forms from patients who offer feedback on the compression therapy and the service they have received.  Many of these testimonials end up on our social media pages, but some are so extraordinary they deserve special mention.

Such is the case of Sydney Keller from Taneytown, Maryland. His handwritten remarks were filled with superlatives - and his story provides inspiration for anyone who has struggled with the challenges of lymphedema.

"For months it felt as though I was dragging cinder blocks with every step I took.  After four one-hour sessions using the Lympha Press, that feeling disappeared," said Mr. Keller.

He added, "Continued daily use of the Lympha Press is yielding positive results.  In addition, the Lympha Press is not only effective, it is very easy to use, is quiet, and utilizes little space. It is also so comfortable that I often fall asleep during a compression session.  Kudos to the developers of a machine that actually works!"

Mr. Keller uses his Lympha Press twice a day for one hour at a time. Within 28 hours, he noticed reduced swelling and that his comfort level increased. When he saw his physician two weeks after using the pump, he too saw improvement and was equally pleased.

Success stories like these inspire the Medical Solutions Supplier team, and we hope this testimony inspired you, too.  Do you know someone with "cinder block" legs?  Tell them to contact us at 800.734.0422.  We'd be honored to help improve their quality of life just as we did for Sydney Keller.