; Patients Respond Enthusiastically to Lympha Press® PCD 51 - Medical Solutions Supplier

Glen Mills, PA – In May 2015, Medical Solutions Supplier (MSS) joined the Patriot Medical Distributors (PMD) Dealer Network, granting the Company exclusive rights to distribute Lympha Press® in the United States.

"The responses we receive from patients are gratifying," remarked Joseph Carberry, Executive Team Leader. "We constantly receive letters and notes filled with praise for our pneumatic compression equipment, and examples of how quality of life has been improved through the use of our products."

Here's just one example:

 "Ten skin cancers were removed from my legs surgically; some of which were very deep. My lymph system was interrupted and my feet and legs began to swell," noted Virginia Kirk of Jacksonville, Florida. "I couldn't wear shoes; I couldn't sleep at night; I couldn't do the things I normally did. I felt my life was over."

Local Compression Therapy Consultant Elijah Ansart worked with Dr. Robert Ellison of the Ellison Vein Institute, who prescribed the compression pump for Ms. Kirk. The results she reported in her quality assurance review of the device were stellar.  "The Lympha Press® pump set me free," she exclaimed in a handwritten note to Medical Solutions Supplier. "I use it in the morning and before bed.  Not one bit of swelling has occurred."

A self-described, active 85-year old, Virginia Kirk said she was formerly "a prisoner."  Now, because of the PCD 51, she says, "The Lympha Press® pump has given me my life back."

For over 30 years, Lympha Press® has produced the most well-regarded compression therapy products worldwide to treat Lymphedema and Venous Disease. "The decision to become an exclusive provider of Lympha Press® was based on two primary factors,” remarked Carberry. "The long history of excellence delivered by the Lympha Press® brand, and the manufacturer’s desire to implement changes to the line that are suggested by the clinicians with whom we work. We believe in offering top-of-the-line products combined with outstanding service to our patients and referral sources - but nothing speaks as powerfully as results. We appreciate that Ms. Kirk took the time to share her experience and look forward to providing equipment that helps other patients like her in the future.”

For more information on the variety of pumps and garments manufactured by Lympha Press®, visit www.patriotmedical.com.  More information on Medical Solutions Supplier is available at www.medsolsupplier.com. Ongoing patient updates and testimonies can be found on the Facebook pages of PMD, MSS and Lympha Press.