; Post Mastectomy Success with Lympha Press - Lympha Press

Lexington, NC - Lynn Rowe suffered with lymphedema for nine years. She had success with rehab, but when the therapy ended, her condition returned.

Having a Lympha Press prescribed for use at home changed everything for Ms. Rowe. "The convenience of having the Lympha Press at my house enables me to use it multiple times a week and as a result, my arm is so much better."

She wrote to Medical Solutions Supplier:  "It's hard to put on paper how much my arm has improved since receiving my compression pump at home.  I use it on my own time when I want.  It has relieved so much swelling and discomfort I suffered with before.  I only hope that women who suffer with lymphedema resulting from the removal of lymph nodes during mastectomy could have the same option."

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for patients who have had cancer surgery, radiation therapy or a tumor which can block or disrupt the lymph passages to suffer from lymphedema. Reducing the fluid build up and moving it back into circulation is critical, which is what the Lympha Press has been proven to accomplish. There is no cure for lymphedema, but using a Lympha Press can reduce and control edema, relieve symptoms and prevent swelling from worsening.

The team at Medical Solutions Supplier is delighted that Ms. Rowe's life is better because of her Lympha Press.  For more information, ask for our free guide  or call 800.734.0422.