; Lympha Press Optimal® Plus - Lympha Press

The Optimal® Plus offers the optimal treatment for lymphedema, CVI and chronic wounds. It is also cleared by the FDA for the treatment of lipedema, which affects 11% of the female population.

Clinically proven to stimulate lymph protein absorption and increase lymphatic return during and even after therapy, the Optimal Plus® integrates research and cutting-edge technology from around the world. This groundbreaking device offers more specialized patient care with advanced pneumatic compression, featuring four therapy modes::

  • Sequential – The featured mode in most clinical studies. Maintains a “distal hold” through each cycle, preventing backflow and ensuring distal-to-proximal fluid migration and reabsorption.
  • Peristaltic – Also called “wave” therapy, peristaltic compression inflates sequentially but does not maintain a distal hold. This is ideal for sensitive patients or patients with painful wounds.
  • Pre-Therapy – Following the concepts of Complete Decongestive Therapy, Pre-Therapy begins proximally, clearing the watersheds, then moves to either Sequential or Peristaltic mode for the remainder of the treatment.
  • Post-Therapy – Designed for patients with fibrotic tissue or hard-to-treat areas. Specific regions of the limb are addressed at the end of the treatment.


  • Bluetooth – Smartphones become remote controls with the Lympha Press app. Start and stop therapy or scroll through options that can be instantly added to your Optimal Plus through Bluetooth. Specific therapy programs can be saved and shared via text to other devices.
  • Adjustable range of precise pressures- displayed in mmHg on the display or through your smartphone.
  • Smart Technology™ – fills-to-fit regardless of the patient’s size or shape and uses an adaptive pause that ensures complete deflation between cycles.
  • Adjustable hold times during cycles and pause times between cycles.
  • System lock that locks pressure and treatments to prescribed setting.

Download the Lympha Press Optimal Plus brochure to learn more about this cutting edge technology.