; Success Stories - Lympha Press

A wealth of information supports the use of Lympha Press® to manage lymphedema and ArtAssist® to address arterial conditions. Check this section regularly for clinical updates, videos, pertinent articles and other helpful resources.

Sarah de Swart

Cleveland, OH

Thanks to the excellent care from my Lymphedema Therapist who recommended the ComfyLite by Lympha Press, I’m recovering in the comfort of home. I had another pump for years that did nothing to help the pain and swelling. Lympha Press is the best - and I’m getting better every day.

Karen Meldrum

St. Louis, MO

My legs hurt a lot less and I have actually starting losing weight and girth in my thighs. I have lost close to an inch in my thighs, over ten pounds, and my ‘astronaut boots’ keep my legs and knees from aching all day long. These are miraculous! People need to know that what they do is important. Your product has made my life much easier to share with others.

Wayne Smith

New Smyrna Beach, FL

I had a severe case of cellulitis and nothing could alleviate the problem until I got my Lympha Press. The swelling has gone down and my leg is no longer discolored. In fact, it has never looked better. Your staff is caring and was willing to go the extra step for me. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

Ezra Warner

Oxford, FL

I was skeptical at first about using the Lympha Press. However, I now firmly belief it has completely stabilized and improved the overall condition of swelling and leg ulcers that plagued me for years. It’s really made a big change in my life. I would say 100% improvement. The pump has truly been a godsend for me.

JoAnn Thompson, PA-C

Punta Gorda, FL

The difference between my legs using the Lympha Press and not is 180 degrees. Once you have it, you realize how it has changed your life so much for the better. The pain it has taken away and the comfort it has given...I don’t know that you could put a price tag on it.