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Venous / Lymphatic Studies

Lympha Press® gradient, segmental compression therapy is is clinically proven to promote drainage, accelerate healing and reproduce the results of manual lymph drainage for venous disorders, edema and lymphedema.


Additional Lympha Press® studies: http://www.lympha-press.com/clinical-reserch

Arterial Case Studies

Designed to augment arterial blood flow and microcirculation. System is clinically proven to accelerate healing of ulcerative wounds and preserve limbs.

This is a paper written from 26 different studies of different Arterial pumps and their clinical affects on Vascular Disease. - Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Review.pdf

This study shows how the pump works and the sympathetic responses of the body to increase blood flow. - Augmentation of blood flow in limbs.pdf

This paper by the Mayo Clinic was released in the Journal of Vascular Surgery in March of 2008. - Improving limb salvage in critical ischemia.pdf

Additional article by Dr. Kavros from the Mayo Clinic - ICP for Nonhealing Wounds in Patients with Limb Ischemia.pdf

This study shows the effects of compression pump therapy for pre and post amputation patients. - Effect of Lower Extremity Amputation Level.pdf

A study showing upper extremity affects of the pump on vascular conditions of the arm. - Use of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression for Upper Extremity Vascular Ulcers.pdf

Additional Studies

- Acute Effects of IPC on Popliiteal Artery Blood Flow.pdf

- Limb Salvage... in Cases Unsuitable for Surgical Revascularization.pdf

- Clinical Abstracts