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Anyone who has lymphedema or lipedema is always on the lookout for therapies and devices that offer relief. Lymphedema comes with persistent swelling, discomfort, and pain. Lipedema patients can also deal with pain and mobility issues. It can be life-changing to find a device that relieves these symptoms.

The Lympha Press Optimal® Plus is a revolutionary pneumatic compression device with proven benefits supported by research. Not only does the research reveal major benefits for managing lymphedema symptoms, but the device receives high praise from patients for comfort, quality, and ease of use.

Highly Recommended by Patients and Clinicians

The Center for Opinion Research (COR) at Franklin and Marshall College conducted a statistically-valid survey of patients who used a Lympha Press pneumatic compression device between 2017 and 2019. More than 800 patients participated in the survey.

According to the survey results:

  • 94% would recommend Lympha Press to a patient with a similar condition.
  • 88% say it is easy to use the Lympha Press.
  • 85% say Lympha Press has reduced discomfort.
  • 83% say Lympha Press has improved the condition of their legs.
  • 76% say Lympha Press has reduced pain in their legs.

As you can see, the number of people who would recommend Lympha Press to others is at an impressive 94%. An overwhelming majority also say it’s easy to use, reduces their discomfort, improves the condition of their legs, and reduces their pain.

Lympha Press Has a Long History of Success for Patients

Lympha Press has been in use since 1980. Around the world, about 20,000 people per year receive these devices to support their lymphedema care and improve the quality of their lives.

The device is easy to use, which is why compliance rates are so high. Lympha Press garments fill with air for custom treatment to the area in need of therapy. The device, which can be pre-programmed to deliver precisely the treatment a patient needs, begins its cycle of pneumatic compression therapy. 

While the patient reads a book, watches television, or does another relaxing activity, the Lympha Press does its work. As it operates, its pumping action moves along the body, causes absorption of lymph fluid, increases lymph transport in lymphedema-affected extremities, and helps heal chronic wounds. The Lympha Press has been proven to reduce swelling and effectively heal wounds due to its method of addressing the underlying causes of fluid buildup and wound development. Lympha Press’ lipedema patients report reduced pain and increased mobility.

The Latest Technology: Lympha Press Optimal® Plus

The Lympha Press Optimal® Plus is the most advanced pneumatic compression pump in the world. It has four therapy modes, adding to why patients consider it the best pump for lymphedema and lipedema:


This is the mode used in most clinical studies. It maintains a distal hold through each cycle, meaning it prevents fluid backflow to ensure proper movement and reabsorption.

Peristaltic, or Wave Therapy

Peristaltic compression, also known as wave therapy, inflates sequentially but does not maintain a distal hold. This is ideal for sensitive patients and those with painful wounds.


Following the concepts of complete decongestive therapy (CDT), this mode begins proximally, clearing fluid buildup, then moves to either the sequential or peristaltic mode for the remainder of the treatment.


This mode is designed for patients with fibrotic tissue or hard-to-treat areas. It targets specific regions of the limb after the primary mode of treatment.

Bluetooth capabilities can turn a patient’s smartphone or iPad into a remote control for their Optimal Plus, adding to its ease of use. 

A Video Tour of What Our Patients Call “The Best Pump for Lymphedema and Lipedema”

Many lymphedema doctors who have seen the Lympha Press in action support its use for their patients. Caroline E. Fife, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Intellicure, Inc. shared her thoughts about using the device with her patients.

“We have actually seen in real-time the way the Lympha Press device can activate the lymphatics to enhance lymphatic flow using near-infrared imaging technology,” Fife said. “This validates what we understand clinically – that patients improve when they use the Lympha Press pneumatic compression device.”

Our Caring Team is Ready to Help

The Lympha Press team has a rich history in the medical community as a distributor of innovative devices for world-class lymphedema and lipedema care. We have great respect for both the doctors and patients who so diligently work to address the challenges of lymphedema, lipedema, and other circulatory conditions..
If you need more information about the Lympha Press Optimal® Plus, or any of the unique garments to treat both upper and lower extremities, review our product specifications, take a look at our patient success stories, and feel free to contact us for assistance.