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Are Veterans seeing results from Lympha Press? To answer that question, Medical Solutions Supplier engaged the Center for Opinion Research (COR) at Franklin and Marshall College. The goal was to conduct an independent, statistically valid survey.

Veterans prescribed a Lympha Press pneumatic compression device in 2017-2019 were polled about ease of use, reduction of pain and discomfort, their level of compliance, and whether they would recommend Lympha Press to someone with a similar condition.

Over 800 Veterans completed the survey via mail, online, or through phone interviews from COR researchers. “The findings are precise because of the robust response to our inquiry,” noted Berwood Yost, Director of COR’s Floyd Institute for Public Policy. The Center for Opinion Research is widely recognized as one of the nation’s foremost survey research organizations.                                      

A summary of the survey results includes:

· 94% say they would recommend Lympha Press to a patient with a similar condition

· 88% say it is easy to use the Lympha Press

· 85% say Lympha Press has reduced discomfort

· 83% say Lympha Press has improved the condition of their legs

· 76% say Lympha Press has reduced pain in their legs

The Veterans surveyed were prescribed Lympha Press for lower extremity conditions. These include chronic edema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, stasis ulcers/wounds, and other circulatory conditions. Lympha Press provides dynamic treatment for any Veteran who would benefit from compression stockings or hose.

Watch our video overview of the survey results.

The GSA Vendor/Contract Number for Lympha Press is V797D-70019.

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