; Victim to Victor: A Lipedema Patient Story - Medical Solutions Supplier

Meet Pattie Cornute.

For six years after her lipedema diagnosis in 2007, Pattie avoided exercise because she believed the myth that exercise could worsen her disease. 

Until she nearly lost all of her mobility. 

Sheer fear and desperation led Pattie to take control of her condition. 

In this article, Pattie shares her confusion and frustration about lipedema, the years of medical testing with no answers, her first glimmer of hope, her first regimen of complete decongestive therapy (CDT) and her best advice for those living with lipedema. 

Be inspired by this 5-minute read.

June is Lipedema Awareness Month

As a way to spread awareness of lipedema and how important staying active is, Patti launched a body-positivity blog and Facebook support group called Lipedema Fitness. She’s also the founder of the first-ever Lipedema Triathlon, celebrating its fifth anniversary this June. 

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