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Demand to be Taken Seriously: The lippy_and_hippy Interview

Lindsey's mother first got a lipedema diagnosis. She spent her entire adult life with heavy swollen legs and spent years asking doctors for solutions. In her 40's, she hit a point where she gained 5 to 10 pounds a month on her legs alone for no reason. And she felt stuck, without answers. 
Her mom discovered lipedema through her own research. Previously, doctors gave generic obesity answers.
From a very young age, Lindsey knew her body and legs were "different." She hit 200 pounds in middle school and her weight increased from there; a combination of limited mobility and lipedema symptoms combined with "regular" obesity. In 2008, a gastric sleeve and a year later. a gastric bypass impacted her life positively. Following two divorces, one kid, grad school, and attempting to recover from years of a very unhealthy relationship with food, Lindsey declared 2019 and 2020 to be "her years".
Discover how she's been working with nutritionists to find the best foods that make her body feel good. Learn the way she approaches fitness. Plans for surgery to address the extra skin and lipedema in her stomach and lower back are underway. And most of all, her message is to "demand to be taken seriously." Follow @lippy_and_hippy on Instagram!
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