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I Just Wanted To Help: An Interview with Dr. Omar Beidas

After joining the Orlando Health Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery Institute, Dr. Omar Beidas began to see a trend of women who were "doing everything right" but still were challenged by painful fat. His partners were successfully treating lymphedema; Dr. Beidas was stirred by the challenges faced by lipedema. His response? "I just wanted to help."

In this insightful interview, Dr. Beidas discusses the particular challenges of lipedema surgery, what to look for when considering surgery, the importance of the newly released Standard of Care, and his plans for a groundbreaking lipedema clinic, "A one-stop shop with therapists and collaborative medical professionals who can treat lipedema and lymphedema patients."

Dr. Beidas' office is located at 125 W. Copeland Drive in Orlando, FL and he can be reached at (321) 841-7090.

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