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Lymphedema Patient Roundtable – May 2021

A focus on wellness and exercise and the importance of breathing, along with compression, Lympha Press, surgery, and everything related to lymphedema.

Thanks to our amazing regular panelists:

  •  Kelly Bell, @Veteran_Fighting_Lymphedema
  •  Angela Jones, Lipolymphedema Patient
  •  Mary Kastelberg, Primary Lymphedema Patient and Lympha Press Compression Therapy Consultant, @LiveLoveLymphie
  •  Cam Ayala, Primary Lymphedema Patient, Lympha Press Compression Therapy Consultant @CamronAyala
  •  Betty Westbrook, CLT, @LymphedemaPodcast
  •  Nasreen Starner, CLT
  •  Catherine Rosenberg, Lymphedema Patient, @CRosenberg1982

SPECIAL GUEST - Amanda Sobey, Health & Fitness Coach/Lymphedema Patient, @am.sobey

Lympha Press is proud to offer these monthly Roundtables and to be a support to the lymphedema community.

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