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Serving our Nation's Veterans

Lympha Press is proud to work with VA Hospitals and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) around the nation to make life better for those who have served our country.

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In a statistically valid survey conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin and Marshall College,

94% of Veterans polled said they recommend Lympha Press to a patient with a similar condition.

The Veterans surveyed were prescribed Lympha Press for lower extremity conditions such as chronic edema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, stasis ulcers/wounds, and other circulatory conditions.

“Lympha Press gave me my life back.”

After years of being misdiagnosed, leading to suicidal depression, retired Coast Guard Veteran Kelly Bell was prescribed Lympha Press. After over 12 gallons of fluid (100 pounds) that had rendered him a prisoner of his own body was removed, he stated,

Lympha Press gave me my life back. Now that I can manage my condition at home, I am much more compliant as well as active. I have tried other compression pumps, but Lympha Press is by far the best.
Kelly Bell
US Coast Guard (retired), Southport, NC

Customizable Amputee Sleeve

Our easy-to-use amputee sleeve promotes healing, reduces swelling, and lessens pain for amputee patients.

The Lympha Press adjustable amputee sleeve uses air to adjust the garment to the length of the amputated limb for the perfect fit. It supplies compression on the stump face as well as circumferentially to reduce swelling in problem areas.

The amputee sleeve is designed for use with the Lympha Press Optimal Plus, which uses Smart Technology. This learns the patient’s unique measurements, calibrating the pressure in each chamber and adjusting to changing measurements.

How to Order

Lympha Press PCD 52 compression pump with 8-chambered LE sleeve/s.
Delivered by Cashflow Solutions dba Medical Solutions Supplier. 

Limb-Saving Therapy with ArtAssist

In alignment with the Veterans Health Administration’s Prevention of Amputation in Veterans Everywhere (PAVE) Program, we offer ArtAssist®, which is non-invasive and proven effective to increase circulation, rapid healing, and limb preservation.

With more than 60 clinical studies conducted, ArtAssist has been proven to promote arteriogenesis, which is the permanent opening of collateral arteries. ArtAssist provides excellent therapy for Veterans who suffer from:

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
  • Claudication
  • Rest pain
  • Ischemia/ischemic pain
  • Ischemic wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers with a vascular component or those at risk for amputation

How to Order

ArtAssist Arterial Pump with (1 or 2) leg cuffs.
Delivered by Cashflow Solutions dba Medical Solutions Supplier.

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