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A gymnastics accident at age 15 left Alex Robinson with a fractured fibula…and a lymphedema diagnosis. Told she’d “just have to live with it” and given no tools to manage the condition, she continued being active in both gymnastics and dance.

These “bare feet” sports made it impossible to hide her lymphedema. High school students were often cruel, making fun of her different-sized limbs. Undaunted, she continued to compete, winning a scholarship at the University of Maryland.

Floor exercises were especially brutal on her body, but the combination of dance and tumbling made it her favorite form of gymnastics.

In her sophomore year, a torn ACL could have shattered her dreams.

Though lymphedema made recovery a long journey, by her senior year, she was back competing! And, finally, she found the lymphedema community. A wealth of knowledge and resources she never knew existed were opened up to her. At the time of this interview, she was preparing for surgery with Dr. Wei Chen of the Cleveland Clinic. About lymphedema, Alex says, “Just be willing to fight!” – and she plans on winning. Be inspired by Alex Robinson’s story, which is brought to you by Lympha Press, the global leader in pneumatic compression for over 40 years.

May 14, 2021

Just Be Willing to Fight: The Alex Robinson Interview

A gymnastics accident at age 15 left Alex Robinson with a fractured fibula...and a lymphedema diagnosis. Be inspired by her journey!