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She wished (at the time) that her athletic injury was just a blood clot. Instead, a lymphedema diagnosis pulled the rug out from under her dream to compete as a senior for her Division I college.

Coming to grips with her condition wasn’t graceful. Years of resistance to wearing compression eventually yielded to better judgment as she eventually approached managing her condition with an athlete’s mindset.

The power of having the right partner also is part of Deborah’s story. Her boyfriend and now husband, Patrick, was “over my lymphedema before I was.” But to return to competition? That’s where Deborah’s story grips your heart.

When first introduced to Crossfit she walked into the gym and “it was like coming home.” When a trainer recognized her aptitude and encouraged her to compete, it was a hard no. Until she realized that the athlete in her had never died.

Be inspired by Deborah’s baby steps; first walking, then taking part in a competition for the fittest in the world. “Lymphedema or not, I needed to be there.”

Learn how she grew to proudly wear her compression garment and to concentrate on what she could control.

You’ll agree.

It’s beautiful on the other side.

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March 31, 2021

Beautiful on the Other Side: The Deborah Carson Interview

A lymphedema diagnosis pulled the rug out from under her dreams. Find out why she says "It's beautiful on the other side."