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Case Studies and Insights into Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease — Dr. Emily Iker

At the 2021 AVLS (American Vein and Lymphology Society) Conference, this fascinating presentation highlighted case studies and photos of patients with lipedema as well as those with Dercum’s Disease.

The unique markers of lipedema, a loose connective tissue disease, are revealed along with the results of an ultrasound study before and after Lympha Press therapy.

This visually rich webinar also reviews Dercum’s Disease, a rare disorder characterized by multiple, painful growths of fatty tissue (lipomas). The lipomas mainly occur on the trunk, the upper arms and upper legs and are found just below the skin (subcutaneously) but also can be found deeper in the body coupled to muscle, tendons, ligaments, or bone by connective tissue. Pain associated with Dercum’s disease can often be severe.

About the speaker: Dr. Emily Iker is the Director of Lymphedema Center in Santa Monica. She is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist focusing on diagnosis, management, and treatment of lymphatic disorders.

Certified by Professor A. Leduc, Ph.D., a world-renowned leader in the research and treatment of Lymphedema, she is also a member of many Lymphological Societies and was awarded the Honorary Membership of the Lymphological Association of J.E. Purkyne in 1999. Past President of American Society of Lymphology, she is also board certified by the American Boards of Holistic Medicine. Dr. Iker teaches and lectures nationally and internationally and understands lymphedema on a personal level.

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