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Lipedema Patient Roundtable – December 2020

The amazing panelists, including special guest Debby Pelletier, discuss whole-body vibration, inflammation, lymphatic drainage, mast cell activation syndrome, the COVID-19 vaccine and its potential impact on lipedema patients, the mental struggles associated with lipedema, and how to answer the question, "What is lipedema?"

The Lipedema Patient Roundtables are brought to you by Lympha Press, makers of the Optimal Plus, which is a pneumatic compression therapy device indicated for the treatment of lipedema in the United States.

Special thanks to Pattie Cornute, Angelique Charles, Cara Cruz, Cheryl Scoledge, Siouxie Boshoff, and Linda Anne Kahn for sharing their wisdom and open hearts to encourage the lipedema community.

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