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Stay Elevated™: The Alexa Ercolano Interview

For a decade, Alexa Ercolano has used her successful blog, www.TheLymphieLife.com, to educate and inspire her fellow lymphedema patients. She wondered for years what was wrong with her leg and finally, at age 14, was diagnosed with primary lymphedema.

Her candor in sharing challenges with an eating disorder and alcohol abuse - unhealthy methods to cope with her condition - is meant to encourage others on their lymphedema journey. Alexa offers a message of self-acceptance and the importance of managing this chronic condition and says "my blog keeps me accountable. I have to do what I am encouraging others to do."

"A happy lymphie limb is a happy lymphie" is her motto and in this interview, you'll learn the stories behind her trademarks: The Lymphie Life and Stay Elevated.

You can follow Alexa on Instagram @LymphieLife or by visiting her blog.

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