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These Legs Must Dance: The Beth McKee Elliott Interview

"To not be able to move as a dancer is to not remember who you were," shared Beth McKee Elliott. This moving interview about her lipedema journey offers hope to other women with mobility challenges. A cortisol cascade changed her body dramatically and for years she went undiagnosed. She now says, "My legs look like old friends."

Find out about what she's learned about self-acceptance through her somatic practice, her decision to have surgeries, and her message of hope to those who have (or think they have) lipedema.

This interview is part of a series brought to you by Medical Solutions Supplier, exclusive providers of Lympha Press. Lympha Press offers the only FDA cleared pneumatic compression device for the treatment of lipedema. To learn how the Optimal Plus can help you, e-mail bviola@medsolsupplier.com.

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