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Lipedema Patient Roundtable – August 2021

Living with lipedema can be painful. "We put up with just so much level of pain that we don't even realize what we live with every day," explained Pattie Cornute at the August Lipedema Patient Roundtable, as the rest of the panel nodded their heads in agreement.

But one of the beautiful things about living with lipedema is the community and the wealth of information and support it offers. A big theme during the August Roundtable was pain relief, with panelists and attendees discussing everything from cold laser therapy and far-infrared light therapy to flotation tanks and medicinal marijuana.

Cara, fresh out of surgery, excitedly shared her experience and answered questions from the chat; Pattie talked about a new Instagram series she and Crystal from @cfitrevolution are doing about life with Stage 3 lipedema; and Angelique talked air travel as a lipedema patient and how it's changed in the last ten years, with Cara chiming in about her own recent flight.

The Roundtable wrapped up with panelists sharing their lipedema "origin stories" — how and when they were diagnosed — while offering parting words of wisdom and encouragement to the audience.

An emphatic thank you, as always, to our panelists:

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