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Lipedema Patient Roundtable – July 2021

From the physical pain of living with lipedema to the emotional pain of being objectified for their size, conversation at the July Lipedema Patient Roundtable seemed to cover it all. Drs. Karen Herbst and Lindy McHutchison were also there to answer questions about collagen supplements, hypermobility, and whether or not lipedema fat weighs more than regular fat.

Kelly Maynard joined the panel to talk about her amazing results using the Lympha Press Optimal Plus for her lipedema. After two months of consistent use with the pantsuit and jacket, she's lost 32 inches of fluid, her fibrosis has softened, and she's in a lot less pain.

Our lipedema panelists talked about the importance of finding a treatment routine that works for you, and the different ways they incorporate treatment and movement into their daily lives: Cara likes to work on her laptop while pumping, Angelique goes bowling with her mother, and Pattie uses a stationary bike at home.

"You may have to alter some of your plans in life, but that doesn't mean you have to alter who you are," reminds Kelly. "Give yourself grace and do the best you can for right now, for today. Lots of love for yourself."

Lots of love and a special thank-you to our panelists:
- Pattie Cornute (@LipedemaFitness)
- Siouxie Boshoff (@Lipedema.Living)
- Cheryl Scoledge (@LipedemaDiva)
- Kelly Maynard
- Angelique Charles (@thelippybutterfly)
- Cara Cruz (@palegingerpear)
- Dr. Karen Herbst (@drkarenherbst)
- Dr. Lindy McHutchison (@carolinaveincenter)

The Lipedema Patient Roundtables are brought to you by Lympha Press, makers of the Optimal Plus. The Optimal Plus is the first pneumatic compression device cleared for the treatment of lipedema in the United States. Find out more by visiting www.lymphapress.com.

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