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My Feet Have a Story: The Ayanna Sealey Interview

The first signs of lymphedema presented when Ayanna Sealey was 14 years old.

A dancer her entire life, this elite performer eventually faced eight bouts of cellulitis. At a critical juncture in 2011, she woke to a feverish infection; her limb red, hot, and hard. Would lymphedema steal her dream?

"I was chosen to dance," she says — and indeed she did!

Though dancing in bare feet was no longer an option, she performed in The Lion King and diligently managed her condition with compression garments and elevation. Mostly, hers was a solitary lymphedema journey, until she saw Cam Ayala on TV with a T-shirt that said, "I have lymphedema. Google it." Through Cam, she learned that an entire community was available to connect with; people who were young and active and successful at managing their condition using innovations she'd never heard of before!

Now, Ayanna is committed to lending her voice to uplift the community. Hers is a message of listening to your inner wisdom and being guided to your ultimate calling in life.

She says, "My feet have a story..." and you will want to hear it.

Enjoy Ayanna's story, brought to you by Lympha Press, a global leader in pneumatic compression for nearly 40 years.

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