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Not a Cookie-Cutter Lymphedema Story: The Stephanie Roache Interview

With a host of other medical concerns, Stephanie Roache wasn't focused on managing lymphedema when she was diagnosed. Soon, it became apparent that it could no longer be ignored.

"I clicked on a coupon during Lymphedema Awareness Month," she shares. Amanda Sobey encouraged her that the best thing she could do was move her lymph. Her renewed commitment to managing her lymphedema led to finding a new lymphedema therapist. Soon after (and with lightning speed from her Lympha Press representative in North Carolina) she had a LymphaPants garment in addition to a LymphaJacket.

"My numbers dropped dramatically and it's so easy to use, I travel with my Lympha Press," remarks Stephanie. She admits to the challenges presented by lymphedema but agrees it is worth taking the time to move that lymph!

The importance of community and not taking the first diagnosis as "the" answer is also a key takeaway from this inspiring interview.

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