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The Lymphedema Patient Roundtable — November 2021

The November Lymphedema Patient Roundtable was pumped with interesting topics, covering everything from pain management and vibration plates to vulnerability and self-acceptance.

There was also conversation around compression garments as panelists answered questions about the differences between off-the-shelf versus custom and flat-knit versus circular knit, and our medical professionals weighed in on wearing compression while pumping.

One newly diagnosed attendee asked how the panelists processed all the new (and sometimes overwhelming) information at the beginning of their lymphedema journeys. Panelists Angela Jones and Alexa Ercolano answered with insight from their own experiences, and Mary Kastelberg shared an inspiring encounter she had with a patient earlier that day.

A big thank-you to our panelists this month:

Lympha Press is proud to offer these monthly Lymphedema Patient Roundtables and to be a support to the lymphedema community. The Roundtables are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8 PM EST. Sign up to attend any of our live webinars at https://linktr.ee/LymphaPress.

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  1. Stephanie Andrews says:

    I always miss the live presentation because of my work schedule. Thank you for the follow up email so I can listen later.

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