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The Lymphedema Patient Roundtable — September 2021

It's Fall, y'all, and lymphedema patients in the Northern Hemisphere are rejoicing at the transition to cooler weather! From compliance to clothes to circulatory changes, panelists at the September Lymphedema Patient Roundtable shared the different ways the Fall season can affect life with lymphedema.

Speaking of transitions, many are returning to in-person work after a year or more of working from home. Lymphedema patients Catherine Rosenberg and Amanda Sobey talked about some of the ways this has impacted their lymphedema, and offered tips on how to successfully adjust your treatment routine to your new schedule. Attendees contributed to the conversation, too, with one asking our favorite question: "What is a Lympha Press supposed to do?"

Finally, with the Roundtable on the eve of Cam Ayala's birthday, everyone got a chance to celebrate Cam and get a little silly predicting what his birthday wishes may be!

As always, a heartfelt thank-you to our panelists:

Lympha Press is proud to offer these monthly Lymphedema Patient Roundtables and to be a support to the lymphedema community. The Roundtables are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8 PM EST. Sign up to attend any of our live webinars at https://linktr.ee/LymphaPress.

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