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Treatment of Massive Localized Lymphedema

Content Warning: This presentation contains graphic imagery.

Massive Localized Lymphedema (MLL) is a rare "pseudosarcoma" occurring in morbidly obese patients, typically in the proximal thigh. Usually unilateral and often associated with trauma, MLL is a difficult diagnosis, but there are treatments to help these patients.

Surgical options, MLD, kinesiology, and bandaging are covered, as is the unique LymphaPod by Lympha Press, which is specifically designed for the obese patient. With 5% of the US population now deemed obese, this is a timely and informative webinar.

About our guest speaker:
Dr. Caroline E. Fife is a renowned wound care physician. She is the Medical Director for CHI St. Luke’s Wound Clinic in The Woodlands, Texas, as well as Professor of Geriatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. She serves as Chief Medical Officer for Intellicure, Inc., and is a leader in the field of lymphedema.

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