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An Advocate for Living Well: The Amy Beaith Interview

When returning from the playground at age five, Amy Beaith's parents noticed her legs were swollen. She estimates it took about 30 doctor's visits before finally being diagnosed with primary lymphedema.

She's used Lympha Press to manage her condition for decades and loves the way it helps reduce pain and swelling. She says, "It's so comfortable it feels like a hug."

Amy is proactive about her condition. She's had successful surgeries and performs self-manual lymph drainage. She even created a skincare line, plantiful.ca, birthed from her own skin being prone to infection.

A strong, resilient woman who didn't let her condition keep her from being a competitive swimmer or successful entrepreneur, Amy credits working on her inner self as a key to living well. "Fall in love with taking care of yourself" is one of her mottos.

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