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Knowledge is Power: The Jenny Beaujean Interview

"You must be lying to me..."

That's what Jenny Beaujean's doctor said in response to her story that diet and exercise were having no effect on the swelling in her limbs.

It took a cat bite that triggered cellulitis at 50 years old for Jenny to finally get a lymphedema diagnosis and another 12 years for an expert to recognize that she also had lipedema.

Lifelines for her have been the social groups focusing on Lipedema and Food Sensitivities, Lipedema Fitness, Lymphie Strong, and Dances with Fat. The knowledge provided in these online communities - including Lympha Press' Roundtables and interviews - has empowered Jenny to advocate for her health and implement an effective self-care plan.

Her plan includes the Lympha Press Optimal Plus and her first-hand experience of working with our team of experts has resulted in less pain, improved mobility - even an improved attitude! She calls her Lympha Press her "blue smurf suit" and uses it twice daily as recommended by her doctor. Be encouraged by Jenny's story and be empowered to get the help you need to manage your lipedema.

The Lipedema Channel interviews are brought to you by Lympha Press, global leaders in pneumatic compression for over 40 years. The Lympha Press Optimal Plus was the first pneumatic compression device cleared by the FDA for the treatment of lipedema in the United States. Our lipedema patient advocates consider it a privilege to help the lipedema community and we are committed to telling the stories of patients who are finding help - and hope for their condition.

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