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The Obesity Revolution: A Visit with Sean Mulroney

At one point, he weighed nearly 700 pounds. Now, his videos have made over 60 million impressions as he inspires others through The Obesity Revolution.

Sean Mulroney's story is also about lymphedema, the struggle to be diagnosed, and how he found the Lympha Press LymphaPod. He calls it a game-changer.

Sean views obesity as "the last socially acceptable prejudice." He found many doctors to be dismissive of his condition and went through bouts of cellulitis and a dark season. His family brought him through - and trainer Brandon? Well, together, they are impacting millions of lives for good.

The Lymphedema Channel interviews are brought to you by Lympha Press, global leaders in pneumatic compression for nearly 40 years. And our new #1 fan is Sean Mulroney! Enjoy the interview...

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